“Barechu” Decorative Champlevé Plate


Champlevé vessel with patinated metal reserve.  The Champlevé technique requires precision hand inlay of opaque vitreous enamel glass slurries into cells that are acid etched in heavy gauge metal substrate.  The vivid, luminous pools of glass are achieved over many days of sequential, exactly timed kiln firings at approximately 1500 deg F. 


The "Barechu" decorative design, by enamelist Barry Wechsler, is a contemporary reworking of an illumination found in a Thirteenth Century Hebrew holiday prayer book (Mahzor), sourced to Germany.  The original manuscript was later in the collection of John Selden, a brilliant English philosopher and jurist of the Seventeenth Century.  In his activism as a Protestant member of the House of Commons, Selden recognized the positive potentials in the integration of natural law, common law, Jewish scholarship and ancient English law.  He opposed absolutism in religion and politics, including that of James I, and fought for tax reform.


"Barechu" is a call to worship, a call to bless God.  The design also contains the honorific "Melech", which means "Ruler", an acquiescence to the ultimate universal resolutions or karma.  On the plate, Barechu is in the black line of text; Melech is the central large red word.


The vessel is heavy gauge copper and serves well as a decorative plate or meditation vessel.  The surrounding metal reserve has a rich, medium brown patina, accenting the white, green, red, black and blue of the glass inlay.  The plate is sold with a black steel stand, total height 17 in.  Cotton gloves are provided, to enable worry-free handling of the vessel without fingerprints.


Each work is hand crafted, modeled after that shown and bearing unique, subtle differences.  Each work bears the original hallmark of ultraWAVE Art Metal Studio.