“Ocean Wave” Decorative Basse - Taille Plate


Basse-taille vessel with patinated metal reserve.  The Basse-taille technique engages the effect of transparent vitreous enamel glass overlay, fired onto heavy gauge metal substrate that is acid etched to multiple depths.  The complex, acid etched design is built up over many days and serves as a setting for the sequential, exactly timed kiln firings of the glass at approximately 1500 deg F.  The transparency of the glass overlay picks up and reflects light in a very special way. 


The "Ocean Wave" decorative design was developed by enamelist Barry Wechsler in the course of meditations on nature and quantum realities (ie, that we perceive simultaneously both an object's intrinsic waves and pulses). 


The vessel is heavy gauge copper and serves well as a decorative plate or meditation vessel. The surrounding metal reserve has a mysterious  black - grey patina, accenting the luminous, transparent glass roundel.  The plate is sold with a black steel stand, total height 17 in.


Each work is hand crafted, modeled after that shown and bearing unique, subtle differences.  Each work bears the original hallmark of ultraWAVE Art Metal Studio.