“Tropism” Decorative Champlevé Planter


Champlevé vessel with patinated metal reserve.  The Champlevé technique requires precision hand inlay of opaque vitreous enamel glass slurries into cells that are acid etched in heavy gauge metal substrate.  The vivid, luminous pools of glass are achieved over many days of sequential, exactly timed kiln firings at approximately 1500 deg F. 


The "Tropism" decorative design engages lively shapes "reaching up", conveying tropism - the biologic action of a plant following the sun.  This design is a signature style of enamelist Barry Wechsler.  It symbolizes the energy / fluidity of a person's turning to "the light" always, throughout life's travails.


The vessel is heavy gauge copper and serves well as a decorative centerpiece or functional planter.  The surrounding metal reserve has a subtle brown patina, accenting the vibrant yellow of the glass inlay.


Each work is hand crafted, modeled after that shown and bearing unique, subtle differences.  Each work bears the original hallmark of ultraWAVE Art Metal Studio.